A Cabin in a Loft - New York

February, 10 2014 10:00

Posted inInner Ideas

When you move into a converted Brooklyn loft with no walls or room dividers, how do you share the house with your flatmates?


Simple, by building a home within a home, or a cabin, or, why not, a tree house!





Artist and designer Terri Chiao is the brains behind “A Cabin in a Loft”, an open space in an old Brooklyn textile factory where the artist lives with her partner in a self-constructed tree house, while guests can stay in the wooden cabin, currently listed on Airbnb for travellers and passers-by.





“As an artist and designer trained in architecture, it was a chance to play and build a space I would also be able to live and work in,” Chiao says. “The forms, materials, and layout of the cabins came from a long process of sketching and modelling many different ideas, but ultimately these forms were both practical and visually appealing to me. I'm inspired by living with nature, and yet I live in a city--the cabins and tree houses may have been a subconscious way to bring the outdoors in.”





The cabin has enough space for a double bed, nightstand and a suitcase, giving guests the necessary private space to live in for a few days, while still being part of a shared loft.






Images by Andreas Serna