Are you lost?

June, 10 2013 10:00

Posted inInner Ideas

Don’t worry, “Points” will point you in the right direction!


Brooklyn based creative agency Breakfast NY exploits the full power of the web to run its latest project: a 360-degree rotating arrow that can point you in the right direction for whatever you are looking for.







The traditional design of this directional sign is misleading; the inner workings include the latest in web and engineering technology which took the studio nearly 3 years to master.





The rotating arms leverages information and real-time data from Foursquare, Twitter, transportation APIs, RSS feeds and many other online sources to provide the user with the correct direction for restaurants, tourist attractions, weather updates, football results and much more.





With a Menu panel that changes and updates depending on the time of the day (coffee places in the mornings, events in the evening), “Points” is adaptable to any location where it’s installed and can be expanded to work with almost any online data source.





Images © BreakfastNY