Correspond with the Moomins

March, 13 2013 10:00

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Somewhere deep in Moominvalley, the Moomins are hibernating, snug and warm, hidden away from winter’s cold. But spring is just around the corner and soon we’ll hear the Moomins stirring, readying themselves for new adventures. Indeed their range of stationery might help spark your imagination, taking you on your own writing adventure.


Tove Jansson (1914-2001) was the creator of those cultural icons, the Moomins. More than just an artist and illustrator, Tove was also an intelligent writer, whose words and stories were deeply heartfelt.


Tove charted the adventures of the tightly-knit Moomin family and their eclectic assemblage of friends, across a series of books. The Moomins live in Moominvalley, a place with lush greenery, slopes and a sparkling river that flows from the mountains. Moominvalley is in Finland, near to the seashore, and is a place in which the Moomins can frolic and explore throughout spring and summer, and where they hibernate in autumn and winter.


The Moomins continue to inspire new generations of adults and children alike, through storytelling that is honest and universal. Their reach has long moved beyond books and comic strips to include films and various products. This Moomins stationery range is one such example. The Moomins always add an element of wonderment to things. Perhaps you can bring this wonderment to your own writing and drawing, finding inspiration through Tove Jansson’s magical creations.

The Moomins stationery range includes cards, notebooks, memo blocks, pencil cases, rubbers, pens and tape.

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