Folded concrete stool by Sam Jennings

September, 10 2013 10:00

Posted inInner Ideas

By studying the movement and folds of fabric, Sam Jennings, contemporary furniture designer from Falmouth University, created a stool that does not follow the standard rules of design.



With the use of a special material called Concrete Canvas TM, Sam moulded the legs of the stool into a soft drape mimicking the shape of unfolded fabric. The wooden seat sits perfectly on the apparently soft folds, connected via a loop in the wood.





Concrete Canvas TM is a material usually used in the civil and construction sectors to rapidly build shelters. It is a flexible cement impregnated fabric that becomes hard when wet to form a thin, waterproof and fireproof durable concrete layer.



Concrete Canvas Building Cladding. Image copyright Concrete Canvas



Concrete Canvas Sangar Reinforcement. Image copyright Concrete Canvas