Illustrated Map of London by Jenni Sparks

July, 24 2012 15:00

Posted inInner Ideas

English illustrator/designer Jenni Sparks has collaborated with Evermade to create the definitive culture map of London.
This hand-drawn map of London meticulously highlights the 
London neighbourhoods complete with the quirky hallmarks and main landmarks that make royal city so celebrated and unique.



This amazing map needed two months of endurance drawing and a loving attention to details that makes it not only a design must-have, but also a handy reference for your crazy favourite place in the city.
As Jenni wrote in her blog "Despite almost crippling my hand and going boss-eyed, I absolutely LOVED this project. When I first started out I knew hardly anything about London, and the hours of researching and exploring the city would probably qualify me to be a tour guide now!"





Map is available framed or un-framed version, in A1 and A2 sizes.