March, 7 2013 10:00

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Ideas are elusive. They come and go so quickly that you hardly have time to note them down before they are gone, which is why a notebook is an essential element for every creative pocket.


 Ideas Book by Poketo



So many designers from around the world, be it architects, furniture designers, graphic designers or fashion designers, are in love with their personal notebook: it gives them a space to freely sketch ideas and projects, as if the notebook was an extension of their memory. Ideas are stored and revisited, processes are noted down and objects are created thanks to this small and insignificant notebook.



Graphic- Inside the Sketchbooks of the World's Great Graphic Designers. Photo by Parka81 on Flickr



Note Design Studio, based in Stockholm, presented their collection on “Marginal Notes #1” in 2011, developed by going through their old notebooks and looking at the doodles drawn in the margins. From here the inspiration to create new designs using a diverse collection of colours, shapes and materials. Their project was so successful that Note Design Studio has now developed “Marginal Notes #2” in 2012, using the same inspiration techniques.


 Marginal Note #1. Photo by MATHIAS NERO 



 Marginal Note #2. Photo by MATHIAS NERO 



Check out the animation below by Studio Yog and LOBOTOMY, which was drawn on the isometric grid of XYZ Note, a sketchbook designed by Seoul studio KAMKAM. Each drawing in the animation responds to the rhythm of the music! (via)