June, 1 2012 17:00

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Do birds like to be rocked? This birdcage is so pretty, the answer doesn’t even seem to matter.


Design people, you love your home: It is so meticulously furnished and stylish equipped that sometimes you'd like to hide those horrible pet accessories.

And this is just your point of view. Try considering the one of Fido and Fluffy: while you're enjoying the luxuries of design, they are confined in plastic cat-litter boxes, wire cages, and tattered dog beds.

That's why CHIMERE, a French company specializing in contemporary pet furniture, launched a collection of high-end, superbly crafted pieces that will make your Design Within Reach sofa look like a thrift-store buy.

the five-piece series, designed by BLOOM ROOM, includes a litter box; a rocking birdcage; a hutch for hamsters, rabbits, and mice; a “sofa” for dogs and cats; and a fish bowl--all crafted from solid oak and finished with rich details such as upholstery and ceramic pulls.


Nothing but Kvradat fabric (we already met Kvradat here) will suffice for the lining of this sumptuous "sofa."

This litter box may have the design power to reduce odor, but we suggest lining the oak interior with cleanable plastic.

The oak base of this bell-jar fishbowl comes in three colors--natural, green, and white--

This Danish-style hutch offers a couple of places to stash food and supplies, including a long drawer with a ceramic knob featuring a stylized head of a rabbit, mouse, or hamster.