Pibal: Philippe Starck’s solution for bike-sharing

April, 10 2013 10:00

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From the encounter of Philippe Starck’s genius, in collaboration with Peugeot, and the demands of the citizens of Bordeaux to be able to live the city in a more comfortable way and move through the busiest streets more easily, was born Pibal, a bicycle-scooter.




Le Pibal, vélo urbain idéal di villedebordeaux




Indeed, from the people’s responses collected by the authorities, Philippe Starck designed this bike and defined it as:



“A rustic beast, solid and rural.”





Pibal with its agility and lightness will integrate with the stock of bike-sharing services available to the citizens of Bordeaux.





The novelty of this vehicle is that it is a "hybrid"  species that, thanks to the platform placed between the pedals and the front wheel, allows to pass from cycling to skating to walking while holding the bike with one hand with great agility, allowing the person to face any type of route within the city.

Pibal, with its particular bright yellow wheels, takes care of safety and visibility in traffic!



Source: Weelz.fr and Bordeaux.fr