Shortology book by h-57

October, 24 2012 10:00

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Shortology is the last editorial project designed by H-57, a creative Italian graphic studio who deals with design, advertising and illustration.

Co-authors and art directors Matteo Civaschi e Gianmarco Milesi, in collaboration with digital publisher First Floor Under created 6 short-movies about six historical figures: Michael Jackson, Marie Antoinette, Jesus, Julius Caesar, Hitler and Napoleon.

These viral-movies have become in a short time a real goodies...


What do the Beatles and Garibaldi, Van Gogh and Maradona, Alice in Wonderland and Barack Obama have in common? It’s simple. Reams and reams were written about them and a trillion feet of film were shot. Laudable effort sometimes, sure, but all in all useless. Because to tell an extraordinary story you need more or less five seconds. And a good laugh.

Here 4 short examples...

The Beatles


Michael Jackson


The Dinosaurs


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