Social Home Recording Studio by Ponten and Koopmans

July, 19 2013 10:00

Posted inInner Ideas

With a residence accommodating 69 international music students from the Amsterdam Conservatory, wouldn’t you be curious to hear all the wonderful tunes they played? Now you can, thanks to the ‘Home Recording’ studio designed by Ponten and Koopmans.





Built inside the building, the recording studio doubles as a meeting room and an audience space with the opportunity to share the jamming sessions with the neighbours and the rest of the world. How? By using the fully equipped low-tech recording booth that streams directly to the Home Recording Website.







Based in IJburg (Amsterdam), the aim of this art project is to connect the boarding students with the local residents. Hence the presence of the iconic “on-air” red studio light on the exterior of the building, which lights up when there is a live recording session.







Images courtesy Home Recording