Underground tulips for the Qingdao Metro Design Competition

July, 4 2013 10:00

Posted inInner Ideas

Canadian design studio Igloodgn has won the “Qingdao Metro Design Competition” in China by covering the station walls with oversized black and white tulips, illustrated by Dutch artists Ronald Van Der Hilst on high-quality handmade Italian Bardelli tiles.





The inspiration comes from the idea of guiding the commuters towards the platform or the exit using tulips as a directional graphic, “tapping into the underground concept as if there were a hole with natural light streaming through the passageway, giving the entire project a unique perspective on light and movement."








"The tulips, given their opposing angles on both sides, give the feeling that they are either growing downward or being pulled from the ground up and will direct commuters up and down a set of escalators leading to the subway platform.”





Images © Igloodgn