A studio oozing graphic design, photography and design.

September, 6 2012 09:00

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A studio oozing graphic design, photography, and design. We are talking about Justin Southey's studio in Woodstock, Cape Town that reflects exactly the passions of his owner who works with wood, and ranges from painting to illustration and from cooking to playing guitar. Yes, cooking and playing, because we are talking about a creative attitude rather than about singular activities.

Justin Southey is indeed a multi disciplinary artist who’s work covers many different mediums and stylistic variations. He both works and lives in his studio, along with other two creatives who certainly have been contributing to the amazing styling of the working space.

All you can see in the studio seems to be handmade -when it's not really that-, everything is highly customized and tells a story about people living and working inside.

Adorable, isn't it?

Justin Southey has been interviewed by Michelle Oberholzer HERE

All photo credits by Michelle Oberholzer