Airbnb headquarters in San Francisco

January, 6 2014 10:00

Posted inInner Style

Feel like travelling during the holidays? Well, if you work for Airbnb, the famous online property rental service, you will feel right at home in the newly renovated office rooms of their San Francisco headquarters.






Inspired by the apartments listed on their website, Airbnb’s in-house designers recreated properties from cities around the world including Reykjavík, Bali, Amsterdam and Paris with sofas and recreational space for staff to socialise and interact.





"We asked ourselves, how can we create the sense of travel in an office?" explained Airbnb co-founder and CEO Brian Chesky. "Simply having photos of listings and far off places was not enough. It is not just about recalling the memories, but about feeling that you're there."





With long communal tables in the canteen, where people can meet and have informal meetings, and a recently restored conference room modelled on the War Room from the Stanley Kubrik film Dr. Strangelove, who wouldn’t feel right at home in the Airbnb offices?









Images from Dezeen