Fluorescence @ Spazio Rossana Orlandi

May, 10 2013 10:00

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The term “fluorescence” identifies a complex physical property of certain substances, mostly used as dyes, that are capable of absorbing UV light, which is invisible, and emitting visible light, resulting in a colored glow.

However, this word has entered our everyday language to define very bright colors possessing a neon-like tone that seem to “pop up”, recalling that nostalgic retro feeling that only 80‘s accessories and apparel could give us.

Color, declined in its muted, primary, fluorescent, functional, natural, and erotic forms, was the leit-motif of 2013 whatnot brand collection.



Whatnot brand launched its first collection last year in Milan and New York and returned to the Italian city in occasion of last Fuorisalone event, displaying at Spazio Rossana Orlandi 16 products, each one produced by a designer from the School of Art Institute of Chicago.



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Each designer approached the subject in different ways: some of them used the concept of color gradient in relationship with passing time, others used it to highlight a feature or to distinguish different parts of a whole.




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One of them succeeded in exploiting fully the high light transmittance property of fluorescent dyes in combination with the forming possibilities of acrylic panels, which are known also for their peculiar transparence, creating a seat for a stool that seems to glow from an internal lighting source.





Actually, this effect is due to the refraction of light, which is visible at its best in correspondence with the cut edges of the panel, molded in the shape of a light wave gently laying on a solid structure of brushed aluminum.




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