Insulaire by Numéro 111

February, 3 2014 10:00

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As part of the VIA Design 2014 programme, a non-profit organisation that valorises and promotes contemporary furnishings in France and abroad, design studio Numéro 111 presented Insulaire during the design fair Maison & Objet in January 2014.






Insulaire is a prototype living room based on the idea that furniture plays a structural role in dividing the space and creates multiple experiences in comfort and use.

For example, the sofa creates a traditional view of a living room where one can sit, whereas the rug provides a more relaxed and laid-back living with easy-grip cushions that can be used as a headrest, backrest or seat.



Scatter cushions



The table can be modified in height to be used at sofa level or at rug level, the lamp can serve as a reading light, up-washer or standing lamp while the screen defines the territory and doubles as a storage unit and a hanging structure for mirrors or digital devices.



Flying tables



All furniture is made from rattan for its solidity, flexibility and lightness, and is combined with soft coloured textiles to create a sense of comfort and relax.







Images © VIA 2014 - Colombe Clier