New school furniture by Studio Brichetziegler

September, 4 2013 10:00

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September is back-to-school time and students are getting ready for a new year of learning and development.



The students



To lighten up the classroom environment, Studio Brichetziegler was invited by the Seine-Saint-Denis General Council to develop a project with students from the Jean Moulin Junior High in Montreuil with the aim of redesigning the furniture and interior space of a typical classroom.



Panel made of acoustic textile, 



Students and teachers in 4th form had the opportunity to talk and interact with Studio Brichetziegler, proposing improvements, expectations and participating in the creation of furniture prototypes.



Chair with coat hanger



What came out from this “In Situ” residence is a series of objects designed to be functional as well as decorative: a chair with coat hanger and footrest, a desk with special bag hooks, wall panels made of special acoustic fabric, paper lamps for soft lighting and a woven plastic carpet for the floor.



Teacher's desk



Student's desk



Full of colour and life, these objects boost the classroom space with creativity and fun, wouldn’t you just love to go back to school?



Teacher's cupboard



Embroidery clock on wall panel



Images by Aranud Sabatier + Baptiste Heller