Old Library in Sydney by Hecker Guthrie

October, 11 2012 10:00

Posted inInner Style

One of my favourite australian interior designer is definitely Hecker Guthrie.

Sophisticated, simple and with an incredible talent to combine together old and new,  transforming any space in a real treasure. The Old library is just the perfect example of stylish and welcoming space, with a quirky sense of humour.




Located in Sydney, the Old Library was originally a Methodist church then converted to a library in the 1970's.

Hecker Guthrie worked beautifully whithin the voluminous spaces to create a sense of intimacy and gathering through creating a series of rooms whitin rooms and spaces within spaces.

The palette of oak, linen, white timber and blackened steel contribute give this relaxed and somewhat domestic feeling. And to add in perfection, they serve the best tiramisu in town...