Painting a Fresco with Giotto #1

July, 9 2013 10:00

Posted inInner Style

There is a very fine line between art and design, but one of the most common criterion to determine which is which is by counting the number of the pieces present on the market: when a product is mass produced we call it industrial design, when a project is not suitable to be industrialized it remains a unique piece of art.

Such product gives its owner a sole and exclusive privilege, as another identical piece won’t ever exist.

“Painting a Fresco with Giotto #1” is a series of a 20 pieces produced by Portuguese artist Fernando Brizio that displays the features described. It consists of a white ceramic bowl decorated with a crown made of felt tip pens. Because of the ceramic’s porous structure, the ink is absorbed and forms colored patches and stains in a random manner.





Brizio used a similar approach for his “Renewable dress”: this time the same felt tip pens are inserted upside down in little pockets on a pristine white dress to create a patchwork of colored stains. Even though the method is the same as the one presented before, the meaning is different, as the dress can be washed and personalized multiple times, to create a new garment for each occasion.

Ideally, the pens should be placed just before going out, to create a dynamic work of art, which unfolds during the day.




Images © Fernando Brizi