Pop-Up Office by Dubbeldam Architecture + Design

February, 25 2013 10:00

Posted inInner Style

With the economic crisis upon us, many shops and offices have had to close down due to the combination of rising rents and lower profits. This has enhanced the proliferation of pop-up or temporary structures that can be built and transported efficiently at lower costs, and have proved to be a great solution for many.




Canadian studio Dubbeldam Architecture + Design recently presented at the Toronto Interior Design Show 2013 their latest project of a modular office that can be combined and custom built for all occasions, giving an always new and dynamic space to the office. Made from recycled pellets, the walls, floors and furniture seem to melt together to form a fluid structure with a lounge area, a workplace and a meeting area.



Made purposely for today’s contemporary and flexible working styles, this pop-up office offers adaptability and mobility for the modern and eco-conscious worker