The Andy Warhol Temporary Museum

July, 24 2013 10:00

Posted inInner Style

Traditional exhibition spaces are often a blank canvas where a curator can organise the display area in relation to the artist’s concept.





However, LIKEarchitects decided to go against tradition and embrace a pop-industrial display by setting up a temporary exhibition inside a shopping mall in Lisbon, with 32 of Andy Warhol’s most important art pieces hanging from metal paint cans.





For three months the Colombo Shopping Mall in central Lisbon hosted the famous American pop artist in a 4-room space inspired by the iconic soup can.





"Campbell's Soup Cans is a well-known artwork that is based on the idea of sublimating everyday objects, regardless of their original function, and transforming them into tangible icons of the collective imaginary. This premise by the artist was very important to our conception phase, when we had the idea of constructing a museum using familiar components, more specifically cylindrical cans" architect Diogo Aguiar told Dezeen.





With entrances strategically positioned at both ends of the exhibition space and a transparent ‘roof’ to attract curious customers viewing the installation from the top floors of the shopping mall, the temporary exhibition received more than 100,000 visitors in total while promoting free and accessible art to all.  





Images via Dezeen