The chalet Beranger by french designer Noe Duchaufour-Lawrence

November, 5 2012 10:00

Posted inInner Style

Noe Duchaufour-Lawrence is one of the new successful french designer. And there are some good reason for that.

Originally known for his gorgeous furniture, he is now also doing some very interesting interior design projects.



The chalet Beranger was completed last year and despite its traditional exterior appearance, this ski lodge does not have much 'traditional' in it. 

The interior is stunning. Inspired by mountains and valleys, the space is like a domestic landscape whose forms emerge from the ground. Fluid and modern, the result is a set of lines and organic forms composed around a strip of wood.







A large, main room is set above the whole construction, defining the central point of the chalet where the family comes together around a warm hearth.  
The use of natural materials like stone, cement flooring, timber and the neutral colour palette contribute to give some warmth and softness to this minimalist and strong space.