Topshop Bloom by Neon

December, 20 2013 10:00

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The Christmas holidays are upon us, and we are all rushing to buy the last gifts to put under the tree. But have you stopped for a minute to have a look at the window shops?



TOPSHOP BLOOM - Construction Stopmotion from watchNEON on Vimeo.





Uber-trendy Topshop in Oxford Street, London, has asked design-studio Neon to create something special for their festive season window, themed around the cherry blossom.





Neon designed “Bloom”, a moving installation made of 159 rod-mounted petals that rise and fall thanks to the hidden fans placed below.  Pink on one side, white on the other, the effect of a choreographed movement is a showstopper for the passers-by, grabbing their attention and curiosity.





Mimicking the organic motion of blossom in the wind,  “the graceful movement of the piece is achieved using a counterbalance weight integrated into each petal which when pulsed with air from below causes a rotational movement around a precisely defined pivot…appearing like a living, breathing element in the shop window”



TOPSHOP BLOOM - Short Version from watchNEON on Vimeo.




Images by NEON