Wasbar by Pinkeye Crossover Design Studio

August, 20 2013 10:00

Posted inInner Style

Flats nowadays have become so small that they don’t have space for a washing machine anymore, and it is always such a bore to have to go the laundrette every week.





For this reason, the two young Flemish owners of a former bookshop, Dries Henau & Yuri Vandenbogaerde, decided to create a place to host a laundrette/meeting space with a twist: with the help of Pinkeye Crossover Design Studio, they opened the first Wasbar in the city of Ghent in Belgium.





The space is designed to be an enjoyable place to mingle while waiting for the dirty laundry to finish its wash: with a bar area, a hairdresser’s chair, a piano to play tunes on, a Wi-Fi area, and round tables with chairs, it is a place where students and young professionals can socialise without having to wait for the washing machine to finish in a blank and dreary anonymous location.





The parquet floors were given a new life with a coat of lacquer, while the ceilings keep their original decorations. The bar is colourfully tiled and uses upcycled wall-mounted pieces of furniture to advertise the prices, menu, haircut options and much more.







The lampshades were created with recycled coat hangers while the colourful clotheslines divide the space into different areas.





The shop Logo says it all: a clothes-peg crossed with a bottle opener can only mean ‘come wash your clothes while sipping a cold beer and chatting with your fellow washers’!








Photos by Arne Jennard