A Lantern in Rome, by Fuksas

July, 15 2013 10:00

Posted inArchitecture

Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas have just finished the refurbishment of the ‘Ex Unione Militare’ palazzo, situated between Via del Corso and Via Tomacelli in Rome.





The triangular steel and glass “lantern” vertically reaches up to the top of the building creating a large void in the middle of the structure and a 300 square metre glass-covered terrace with views on the nearby domes on Saint Ambrose Basilica and Carlo al Corso.





During the day the terrace structure turns into a mirror, while at night it shines like a lamp.





The interior structure of the “lantern” allows a visual connection between all floors, where Fuksas created unique display areas set up as a large bazaar full of colours, ranging from red, orange to violet, glass shelving, shiny white fiberglass tables, desks, poufs, mirrors  and much more.






There was only a minor intervention on the outside of the building, dating back to the XIX century, with minimal LED lighting to highlight the original architectural features and add a contemporary look to the façade. 






Images copyright Gianni Basso