April, 24 2012 18:30

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Future workers will enjoy working spaces to develop creativity. In these years, all over the world many deigners are wondering themselves what is the right way to proceed. A great response was teh introduction of co-working: an area totally equipped to meet the needs of different professionals.


Recent studies have shown that a good percentage of renters are creating thanks to mixité of skills new start-up in different fields...




Ok, now I'm sick of boring you...I know if you are all co-workers. I want to present you this project of interior design, designed by LATE Architekci. Case-history is very interesting for his contemporary language and capacity to involve different areas of creativity. LATE Architekci said "The project relates to the spirit of coworking facility in which to confront the creative minds that will shape the creative concepts and ideas. Place the intervention has been subject to thorough analysis for correlation of individual distances, surfaces of walls, lookout points and a desired height".





Architecture, and graphic design are the  same things; straight, geometric shapes of the letters with great transparency perfectly fit into the industrial style. Lines, planes, cubic features create an interesting relation of colors, shapes and meanings.




_AFxTT [...] installation in Cracow
Designed by LATE Architekci (Tomasz Janiec and Mateusz Morski)