Apartment AL by Archiplan Studio

September, 14 2012 10:00

Posted inArchitecture

When matter becomes the essence of design, an intriguing play of relations between form, light and space is generated.

This majestically appears in Apartment AL, a carefully reconstructed project by Italian architects of Archiplan Studio.
The whitewashed brick, stuccos, exposed concrete rendered into objects, the charm of rotten wood laid on a soft and smooth parquet, a fully crafted ceramic that lies between corian and brick: such a variety of materials here finds its equilibrium and harmony resulting in sumptuous simplicity.





The artificiality of the design of the brass cabinet made from Ghiroldi, of the sunscreen by Visual, the kitchen designed by Key or the Ikea chairs and table, merge with the natural wooden beams and old brick walls, thick and solid, through "an indeterminate dimension generated by the time".



The lighting project is crucial: it lets the light brighten the warm tones of beige, white and brown which are in every room of the apartment. The only exception is granted in the color of the wall of the bathroom where the delicate acidity of the teal frames the beautiful imperfection of the ceramic coating.