Badisschool de Bron

September, 23 2013 10:00

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No doubt the geographical position of Belgium has influenced the making of architecture, and indeed the weather is not the only influencing factor in their production of stylistic design. The proximity of France and the Netherlands, traditionally prominent in the cultural and architectural panorama, has in part brought a state of vagueness and drowsiness over the years.





But this is only partially true when you consider the revolution that began in modern times and that is still underway in our contemporary era. Examples of interesting architecture can be found in this country that cater for the most current social issues.





The school built in Saint Gilles by Lens°Ass architecten is a building with two facades: it is indeed built on two plots of land but manages to keep the rhythm unchanged through a marked stylistic solution. Another element that facilitates the seamless integration with the surrounding area is the vertical windows and external volumes. The only symbolical concession is given by the floral motifs reproduced on the parapets of the windows: the stylised leaves, in fact, allude to growth and transformation.





“The architecture is meant to be compact and space-saving in order to create as much open space as possible. The playground invites active playing. “ 


Compared to what the authors claim, the only question is: how can such an “educated” space stimulate the joy and creativity of a child?





Foto©: Philippe van Gelooven