Festina Lente Bridge in Sarajevo

January, 2 2013 10:00

Posted inArchitecture

Steel, aluminum, wood and white light are the elements of the new point of equilibrium between the right and left in Sarajevo, on the Miljacka River, where you can leave one side and move towards the opposite direction along a walkway, making a loop the loop and landing standing on dry land!


It seems a fun ride but in reality is just an illusion, or rather, the new bridge built by three Bosnian product designers Adnan Alagic, Amila Hrustic and Bojan Kanlic, Festina Lente Bridge, which translated from Latin means "make haste slowly".

As the result of a design competition in 2007, the bridge is a point of union and encounter between two physical, but also social, dimensions.




At night the white light, installed with continuity along the entire length, generates a luminous sinuous wires, which replace the material mass of the bridge, clearly visible in the daytime.

A joyful and irreverent form for a small bridge in a city now ready to look to the future: we like it!