Fire-coloured school in Normandy

June, 26 2013 10:00

Posted inArchitecture

After an unfortunate arson attack on the Jean Moulin School in Bernay (Normandy) in 2009, studio Prinvault Architects were asked to rebuild a new school that could revitalise the local area with a contemporary image.





Entirely made on a single floor, the new school accommodates larger hall and court areas, leisure centres and many niche spaces purposely made for children. The windows have three different sizes, small, medium, large and are randomly placed for the students to look at the court, the treetops or the sky.






For Prinvault Architects, this unique reconstruction focuses on reminding the locals of the 2009 arson attacks by using 1000 colourful cladding strips that match the colours of the fire. Using a digitalised scan of a photo of the fire revealed 2.5% black, 2.5% zinc yellow, 2.5% yellow gold, 2.5% red-brown, 25% orange-red, burgundy 25%, and 40% carmine red. Then a random formula in Excel generated the distribution to be used on the building.







Images © David Cousin-Marsy