Google Campus

April, 30 2012 17:00

Posted inArchitecture

After showing you the amazing project about a new co-working in Poland, I found another interesting project made by Jump Studios - a london based studio that deals with architectural design.


In the reception visitors are welcomed by a reception desk partly made from multicoloured 'Lego bricks'


The project, run by Google UK aims to fuel the success of London's tech start up community, with seven floors fully dedicated to co-working. The core of project is based on the nature of the future occupants of the spaces: young start-uppers who are just about to cick off their careers, but also corporate companies.



To create a good workplace it was necessary to identify a common thread to organize the seven-storey in a unique typology. Therefore little graphic and small spaces, but a precise use of color - as usual for google stuff - to signal workstations and workshop spaces. And combining utilitarian and inexpensive materials such as linoleum and plywood a raw aesthetic has been created not dissimilar to a garage.



Working areas, which occupy the upper five floors of the building, are open plan


Large presentation room offering seats for up to 140 people. The two spaces can be subdivided by means of a bright red roller shutter which contributes to the industrial aesthetic of the environment


The design of the café follows the same logic and employs the same materials that have been used elsewhere in the building


One of the multi-functioning container units that separates circulation from the main office space and offer hot desking, personal lockers, recycling stations, video conferencing / meeting booths and a micro kitchen...


A place where you can work and grow up, but also relax and stay in good company and maybe became the next...what do you want to be when you grow up?