London Serpentine Gallery Summer Pavilion 2013

June, 7 2013 10:00

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What is summer in London without the annual Serpentine Gallery Summer Pavilion?



Image by Iwan Baan



This year Kensington Gardens will see the youngest ever architect to accept the task of designing a temporary structure that will host events and talks for the next few months, until the 20th October, when it will finally be dismantled.



Image © Dezeen




Sou Fujimoto, 41-year-old Japanese architect, is the author of the delicate, lightweight and semi-transparent lattice structure made with 20mm white steel poles and circles of transparent polycarbonate, blending like a cloud within the surrounding environment,






Sou Fujimoto is part of a new generation of architects inspired by the organic structures in nature, such as forests, nests and caves. The mix of architecture and nature creates an artificial but comfortable environment that protects you from wind and rain while allowing you to blend in with the surrounding landscape.



Image © Dezeen



Image © Dezeen



The Summer Pavilion will be open from 8th June to 20th October 2013 in the Kensington Gardens, London.