Renzo Piano – Opening of Muse Museum, Trento

July, 30 2013 10:00

Posted inArchitecture

The new Natural Science Museum in Trento, also known as MUSE (from the acronym MUseo delle ScienzE) has opened its doors on the 27th July 2013 after the intervention from renowned Italian architect Renzo Piano.





The new building design has a futuristic structure, though its inspiration comes from the natural landscape surrounding Trento, the famous mountain peaks of the Dolomites. With a surface of 12,000 square metres, it includes an exhibition space, small children’s area, conference hall, laboratories, educational labs, a tropical greenhouse, a library and a café.





Paying particular attention to the environmental impact and energy saving techniques, this museum is at the forefront of the eco-sustainable technologies, using solar panels, photovoltaic cells, geothermal energy and thermal exchange elements. There is a cistern to collect rainwater used to irrigate the greenhouse and the moat surrounding the building, thus reducing by 50% the use of fresh water.





Inside the museum, the 6 floors of exhibition space hosts a whole range of natural science samples, from insects to dinosaurs, from flora to fauna, research on biodiversity of the Alps, glaciers, studies of the universe, the evolution of human beings and much more. Interactive spaces and organised workshops encourage the visitors to consider the impact of scientific development on society and on everyday life.









Images © Alessandro Gadotti archivio Trento Futura