"Space is luxury " in 25 square meters

October, 2 2012 10:00

Posted inArchitecture

Precious Taormina, beautiful Sicily, difficult Italy: it is right in the territory of Trinacria, a crossroads of majesty, culture and complexity (we could add multiple categories here), where the next challenge (or perhaps an exercise in style) takes place: obtaining accommodation for four people in 25 square meters.


It is evident from the statement of intent that this will be a hard task. Then add the Italian bureaucracy that limits interventions in the historical city centers and on historic buildings and the inaccessible planning of a city woven with strands of narrow streets.



But the architect Renato Arrigo, a brave heart from the southern lands, decides to engage in such a work, armed with good will and some interesting technical solutions: a lifted bed and a multi-functional fixture that when necessary becomes a dining table in the terrace. To tell the truth a remarkable fact certainly relieves his burden: he is himself the client of  the work.





So the apartment  takes the form of a succession of simple environments: the entrance opens onto a small sitting room/wardrobe which leads to what is simultaneously the sleeping and the living area with the bed that can be, at occurrence, comfortably confined to the ceiling through a practical lifting system, then finishing in the dining area and kitchen where necessarily you give up the conviviality of a round or square table in favor of chairs lined up along a camaraderie  table.

Satellites of this micro cosmos are the bathroom and a terrace that are of vital importance in giving breath and light.
The lacquered wood of the custom-made furniture, the bleached parquet planks, the refined design furnishings and of the comforting contemporary grey chosen for the walls, nicely combines to make a livable space.
But one question remains: has the challenge been met? To you the answer.