Studio STARTT - Interview

February, 21 2013 11:00

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At the heart of Mandrione, a place so dear to Pasolini, in an open-space studio made of panelled furniture, creaking floorboards, soft lighting, overflowing shelves and that typical post-industrial charm, resides STARTT studio, aka Simone Capra, Claudio Castaldo, Francesco Colangeli and Dario Scaravelli, respectively class ’78, ’78, ’82 and '81.


 Whatami Project by Studio STARTT. Photo by Cesare Querci  


Young Roman architects, they are known to most as the authors of Whatami, the winning project of the first edition of YAP (Young Architects Program) in 2011, a competition organised by MAXXI in Rome in collaboration with New York’s MOMA PS1 to promote young architects under 35.

During last year’s summer and pre-autumn months, the MAXXI walls were coloured with a vivid splash of red and green: macroscopic tulips seemed to bow to the summer breeze on artificial hills covered in fresh grass. Great success for an extremely democratic piece of architecture with its ability to unite judgement: beautiful!


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FUTURE: Architecture e(s)t Paysage. stARTT

Curator  : Pippo Ciorra, Senior Curator Architecture - MAXXI (Museo delle Arti e dell’Architettura del XXI secolo)

27 February - 26 April 2013

Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Parigi
73, rue de Grenelle - 75007 Paris


The Italian Cultural Institute in Paris has selected Startt to represent the promising young artists and architects in Italy. The exhibition “Future: Architecture e(s)t Paysage” will feature 8 projects (including 4 unpublished ones) complete with drawings, photographs, models and prototypes  that illustrates the unique way the studio works: the use of architectural instruments and techniques mixed with artistic disciplines (namely art and photography) and landscape design.

A great opportunity for the Parisian public to discover stARTT Studio, that continues to generate strong interest from the critics as well as from the public and private sponsors.