Vennesla Library & Cultural Center in Norway

September, 24 2012 10:00

Posted inArchitecture

In the new library in Vennesla, Norway, a series of 27 huge ribs of laminated wood marks the slow pace of the visitors along the central corridor.
A library, a cafè and an administrative-directional area, gathered in a cultural community whose walls are materialized in a layered and permeable structure based on the interpenetration between interior and exterior space.
The surrounding city becomes the stage for a space where urban flows are transformed and find a peaceful break, through a strategy of ephemeral continuity that invites to abandonment and contemplation.





The best of Scandinavian tradition, wood and high-tech - with zero environmental impact - find a balance in the form and in the function of the library, providing of course the greatest reduction in energy requirements.



Helen & Hard, young and talented architects of the Norwegian West Coast attempt in this work, as well as in all other projects, to practice what they themselves call "relational design".

"As an awareness and working method it is inspired by biological systems' inherent ability to sustain life and complex forms".