Volkshaus Basel by Herzog & de Meuron

July, 3 2013 10:00

Posted inArchitecture

World-renowned Swiss architecture studio Herzog de Meuron has just finished renovating the Bar and Brasserie space within the Volkshaus Basel, an old 14th century building which has always been considered “a piece of city within the city”.





Its interesting and varied historical past as a beer house, concert hall, and hub for political and social activities meant that the studio could take inspiration from a lifetime of events to redefine its architectural identity.





After removing all the built-on additions and cladding from the latest 1970s renovation intervention, which saved the building from demolition, Herzog de Meuron recovered the original architecture from 1925 and used the structure to preserve the diversity of the space and redefine its interior elements.





The uncovering of old ceiling beams and addition of pendant LED glass lamp diffusers against black-painted walls gives the ambience a warm and welcoming glow, accompanied by wooden tables and original reconstructed Volkshaus chairs.





The bathroom sinks are recycled items that have been recovered from Basel’s building while the restroom wallpaper depicts 17th century etchings, purposely transferred on paper lining to recreate the atmosphere of a former medieval manor.






Images from www.viaggidiarchitettura.it