Lexus Design Amazing 2013 @ Milan Design Week

April, 1 2013 10:00

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Pritzker prize winner Toyo Ito and architect Akihisa Hirata have come together to create an installation for Lexus during Milan Design Week 2013.  Based on the idea of “amazing flow”, the project wants to show the viewers the “kinaesthetic flow of the future city, with people, roads, water and winds interacting as a single entity and demonstrating new ways of living and moving.”


 Rendering of the pathway






“Motion” is also the theme for this year’s international design competition organised by LEXUS, in collaboration with designboom. Participants were asked to create designs that “respond to various issues in daily life in relation to Motion, and provide solutions. “


 'inaho' by tangent (hideki yoshimoto and yoshinaka ono) from japan - Winner



 'making porcelain with origami' by hitomi igarashi from japan - Winner



 'klava' lamp by rudy davi from italy



'weaving a home' by abeer seikaly from canada / jordan


 'slides bridge' by zhufei (zhu fei and zhu tian hui) from china




Both the installation and the winning projects of the Lexus Design Awards will be on show at the Permanente Gallery in Milan from 10th to 14th April 2013.



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