Amass at 100% Design

October, 9 2013 10:00

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Amass is the latest installation designed by British designer Benjamin Hubert and exhibited at the 100% Design event during London Design Week in September 2013.





Benjamin was commissioned to create a 200m2 auditorium space to host talks and conferences during the 4-day event; inspired by the “controlled randomness found in nature and the building blocks of life”, he created a modular structure made of 46,000 plastic elements that defines a space without creating a visual barrier.






With the help of 35 volunteers, the three different components were built all at the same time to create a 3D space that allowed visitors and passers-by to assist the seminars without having to enter a closed room.





Trade shows like 100% Design are known to create more than 600,000 tonnes of waste, mostly coming from the exhibition design and structure. So Benjamin Hubert wanted to design an installation that once taken apart can be 100% recycled (the individual pieces are injection-moulded polypropylene) or re-assembled in a different location and context.







Images © Benjamin Hubert