Design Academy Eindhoven - Graduation Show 2011

December, 14 2011 00:00

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This year’s Graduation Show at the Design Academy in Eindhoven took place during the 10th anniversary of Dutch Design Week at the end of October 2011. It had a spectacular 173 graduates, a mix of bachelor and master students. Bachelor projects were divided into seven themes: human, nurture, delight, useful, conscious, city and nature, while the Masters projects comprised of three research projects: contextual design, social design and information design.
The impressive outcome of this show was the rigour and depth with which each student developed their project, sometimes managing more designs at the same time, with a completeness and professionalism only seen by more experienced designers. Their prototypes were exhibited and praised for their quality and sheer number, which made a visual impact on the viewers. Practical and conceptual models were placed side-by-side to create an exhilarating and creative show.
Graduates were followed and stimulated by university staff and the unique creative environment within the academy, renowned around the world. It is no surprise, then, that this school is shaping a new generation of very active and creative designers.
The Design Academy Eindhoven (DAE) was set up in 1947 as an industrial design academy with emphasis on experimentation and practical industrial design, and it quickly became the synonymous of excellence with an international reputation.
For more information, and to buy the graduate book with introductions from the Annie Mieke Eggenkamp, Chairwoman of DAE, and Paola Antonelli, Senior Curator at Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) please follow this link: