Gas Giant at Venice Art Biennale 2013

May, 31 2013 10:00

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GAS GIANT is the title of the large-scale site-specific installation by Jacob Hashimoto for the Venice Art Biennale 2013, on view from 29th May to 1st September on the 4th floor of the Fondazione Querini Stampalia, an area recently restructured by Mario Botta. The work consists of 10,000 kites, individually handmade using bamboo, acrylic and wood, which interact with the public and the architecture of the building itself.







Jacob Hashimoto, artist from Greeley, Colordao, uses techniques from the Japanese culture to create sculptural forms that offer a sensory experience to the public while guiding them into a place where “space-time coordinates are lost and where the visitors are enveloped in a feeling of wonder and amazement.”





“There is a playful component in my work. The stylistic elements that I use have something to do with a general feeling of nostalgia rather than any direct relationship to my origins. Kites are about a feeling for childhood and a relationship to nature rather than a particular Japanese tradition”.





Hashimoto’s installation touches the dreams of the individuals: the delicacy, lightness and stillness of his work is an expression of the artist’s search for a luminous dimension immersed in poetry. The mix of architecture and painting transforms “Gas Giant” into a thick cloud that invades the space interrupted only momentarily by coloured patterns and geometrical motifs, conferring rhythmical and temporal movement in the air.