Helsinki Design Week 2012 - Camouflage and Everyday Discoveries

September, 10 2012 15:00

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Another day through World Design Capital 2012


Helsinki Museum of Contemporary Art - Kiasma external facade

This morning we visited Helsinki Museum of Contemporary Art - Kiasma, the perfect place for art lovers with the latest news in contemporary art. 

The building is more or less like other contemporary museums: white and spotlessly clean, but inside the route is well organized - maybe because we are in a northern country - and todays exhibition was very interesting.


Helsinki Museum of Contemporary Art - Kiasma internal structure


Camouflage - Visual Art and Design in Disguise - is one of the most important exhibitions in Helsinki during Design Week because visual art interacts with other artistic disciplines: paint with product design, craftsmanship with interaction design, and others.

The French loanword Camouflage refers to deception, protective colouring and disguises. These things are familiar in nature. But also in design; one form of camouflage is to change colouring to confuse the enemy (in this case the final users) and makes the target difficult to see. 




Today artists and designers have opened a new interesting multidisciplinary direction.








After the artistic morning we walked to the tube station and travelled towards the suburbs. Suvilahti [] is an ex-power production area near Sornainen District, completely repaired and renovated in the '80s. The power plant has been converted into a warehouse and now hosts facilities for employees of the nearby Helsinki Energy Factory.






During Helsinki Design Week 2012, Suvilahti displays Everyday Discoveries - International Design House Exhibition - which presents international design from 20 countries.








The exhibition's underlying theme is day-to-day-life, peoples lives and a view on the various creative solutions countries find for similar problems.