April, 16 2013 10:00

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Melogranoblu begins its activity in 1997 when Massimo Crema and Ermanno Rocchi created their first collection called "Bright Forms" using blown glass. 





Thanks to its tremendous ornamental impact, this first collection is now being recognized by professional dealers as an extraordinary scenic element that can immediately define the designed space. Moreover, the two artists don't limit themselves to designing their creations but they also personally supervise the production, which they entrust only to selected and highly specialized Italian craftsmen. Production, entirely hand-manufactured, is thus guaranteed to be of highest quality.



MAELSTRÖM installation



The installation presented in Milan has an astonishing ornamental impact that evokes strong emotions through harmonic shapes and colored lights.


When entering the MAELSTRÖM you feel like diving deep into the northern sea,  where a whirlpool of lights and pendant crystals are performing a beautiful show in front of your eyes. The scenographic effect is great and you'll be really moved while looking at all these magnificent color changing light shapes. 



The installation is made with RGB LEDs and every single pendant light is made using white frosted blown glass of the Hydra Collection. The luminaries are fixed to the ceiling at different heights by a unique colored metallic mesh rope so to create a fascinating organic shape.