Stories of Design: Treasures of the Little Red Dot

July, 12 2013 10:00

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To celebrate Singapore’s National Day on the 9th August, Creativans, an award-winning design company based in Singapore and Milan, has organised a one-month exhibition to showcase designs inspired by Singapore’s culture called “Treasures of the Little Red Dot: Stories of Design”.





Collaborating with local craftsmen and manufacturers, they explore locally sourced materials and production techniques, taking inspiration from street vendors, vanishing trades and all the things that reveal Singapore’s national identity.





These are just a few examples of what is on show until the 11th August 2013 on the Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay in Singapore. 

ADAPT - A series of table attachments that objectifies the dying traits in Singapore, namely the florist, fortune teller, seamstress and the key maker where their professions can be identified by iconic objects that form part of the table.



FLIP - The four main breakfast dishes that fill the stomachs of Singaporeans are illustrated through the modular use of the bowl+plate design. The different configurations dictate the needs of the different dishes.



DIGGA - This series offers a new take on Asian’s traditional aviaries. Taking reference from owners’ need to flip the cover and peek into their birdcage, Omma allows users to change the angle of light for different tasks on the table.



POD - A food cover is a typical household item in Singaporean homes. Pod exploits the singularity of an ordinary food cover into a multi-functional object, in which a simple crease folds it into a serving tray and dining mat.



JIAK - A spice box that takes its inspiration from local culture where spices are adorned and treasured. Jiak keeps these treasures safe and accessible, while doubling as a chopsticks and spoon holder.



Images copyright Creativeans