The Black’s house

June, 6 2012 09:00

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One of the most important events of brazilian design is called Mostra Black (from 22 May to 24 June). This year, the space built specially for the event, in the patio of a modernist house in the area of Alto de Pinheiros in São Paulo, was designed by young architect Guilherme Torres.

The project of space was designed around an imaginary character called “Mister Black”, like the mysterious character of Reservoir Dogs. But, unlike movie character, he doesn’t love guns, blood and robberies. He would be an alter ego of the designer: a young art collector, passionate by music and a citizen of the world who loves receiving his friends.




At the entrance, a metal mesh curtain invites the visitor to bare the space, a large cement cube and paraná white marble, the same marble used in the construction of Brasília.

The starting point of the decoration was the wide Otto sofa, in leather, designed by the architect, as well as the Pil sofa with 50’s lines and the coffee table covered with vintage wallpaper.




The furniture follows an eclectic line of Torres. The rococo table receives the DJ pick-ups, the folding screen from the 50’s is from Lúcio Costa, the bar cart from Sérgio Zalszupin. The art frames, from the Zipper gallery, are from new rising artists in the Brazilian market.