Bamboo for a sustainable design by Anne Crumpacker

August, 17 2012 10:00

Posted inGreen Design

Anne Crumpacker, designer from Portland, uses one of the most sustainable materials on the planet to create her designs: bamboo.
It all started whilst visiting a freshly cut bamboo installation by famous filmmaker Hiroshi Teshigahara in Tokyo twenty years ago, where she “experienced a palpable elevation, a sense of deep order and connection present in a sanctuary or sacred place”.





Deconstructing bamboo in crosscut slices reveals its cellular makeup and illuminates its natural beauty and strength. By interweaving it, she then creates cross current patterns that simulate water and wave movements.
Ensō, in Japanese, means circle. Within Zen design, the circle signifies enlightenment, as it is both bounded and boundless. Her latest designs are wall-hung pieces lit from behind of both circular and vertical shapes.