September, 3 2013 10:00

Posted inGreen Design

Austrian Designer Andreas Scheiger proposed a series of hanging racks for bicycles called "Upcycle Fetish" that recalls the old traditional hunting trophies by reusing old bicycle parts.





These objects are unique because of the parts they're composed of: different shapes of saddles, handle bars and brakes mounted on an oval shaped wooden plate. The horizontal part of the bike's frame can easily be hanged over the handlebar (racing shaped) and crutched on the saddle. It works well with bikes, but you can also hang everyday objects like umbrellas, bags or you favourite trench.





Scheiger’s creation is clearly influenced by the 1944 "Bull Head" by Pablo Picasso, a ready made created with a saddle welded over a handlebar.





In the last few years, other designers have tried to celebrate the new bicycle trend through the iconic shape of the hunting trophy. Bicycle Taxidermy is the project of an ex-student of the Royal College of Arts that celebrates the "homesickness for the rugged highlands" by using his beloved old bikes as hunting trophies and adding a precious engraved plaque with its name, date and a funny epitaph.







Sure, there are no intentional functional features here, except to reminisce the funny moments when riding those handlebars on the road. And that is good to hear!