Hanoi Lamp by Federico Churba for Prandina

January, 4 2013 10:00

Posted inGreen Design

Winner of the GrandesignEtico International Award 2012, the Hanoi Lamp, designed by the Argentine Federico Churba for Prandina, combines technological evolution with environmental and social sustainability.



Using a single sheet of PMMA (an economical and BPA-free alternative to polycarbonate), the Hanoi Lamp is given volume and three-dimensionality by the skilful cutting and bending into a harmonious, elegant and vaguely oriental shape.



The shade resembles a traditional conical Asian hat while the body and feet are bowing down to greet you. The downward diffused light creates a warm glow that adds to its particular elegance. In the designer’s words, “This lamp is realized in one horizontal plane that acquires form and volume through the bends of the material. A formal simpleness defined by detail.”