Metal that Breaths by Doris Kim Sung

January, 5 2013 10:00

Posted inGreen Design

“[Skin is] the first line of defense for the body. … Our building skins should be more similar to human skin.” 

Doris Kim Sung

Inspired by biology, Doris Kim Sung explores architecture as an extension of the body. Challenging the notion that buildings ought to be static and climate-controlled she has developed thermo-bimetals smart materials that act as human skin, capable of dynamically response and adapt to their environment through self-ventilation.

Discover how by watching this inspiring talk given on TED!



The thermo-bimetal material has been turned into a striking art installation, "Bloom", exhibited in Silver Lake, Los Angeles starting from November 2011. The 20 feet tall installation is made with 14,000 completely unique pieces of thermo-bimetal, a smart material made of two thin sheets of metals, each with different expansion rates, laminated together. 




The particular thermal characteristics of the metal sheets make of this dynamic and responsive sculpture a beautiful art installation but most of all shows us the amazing implications that it could have for  architecture as a whole, especially when it comes to energy saving issues.