April, 24 2013 10:00

Posted inGreen Design

Posterheroes is a project by Plug, a non-profit cultural association born from the collaboration of people with different skills and experiences, like graphic designers, architects, and students, all with the shared aim of raising the creative community and encouraging the debate on issues with a strong social impact.





The third edition of the graphic art Posterheroes competition proposes a debate on sustainability in the four main fields of production-economy, health-living, mobility, public life-people in cities, exploring the importance of smart cities through the creation of 50x70 graphic posters.





This competition also aims at the involvement of the creative community of the world around these four issues of global interest in order to stimulate collective awareness towards a new way of life in the city. In fact, In order to become 'smart' our cities have to develop into places where the different resources can be enhances and improved, therefore becoming an expression of new habits.





The top 40 posters, out of over 7.000 entries, are currently exhibited  until 5th May in Piazza Carlo Alberto in Torino, Italy.