UTREM LUX by DeGross Design & Innovation

May, 13 2013 10:00

Posted inGreen Design

DeGross Design & Innovation is a design studio based in London that concentrates on developing sustainable design from waste material. By using discarded objects and combining them with different elements they create useful and real-world designs that range from unique furniture to electronic and sustainable water devices.





The inspiration for designing the Utrem Lux Lamps series came directly from the studio’s backyard, where they found a discarded box full of glass bottles and, by using wood offcuts from their neighbouring wood-merchants, they created a unique lamp entirely made out of scrap materials.




UTREM-LUX from DeGross Design& Innovation on Vimeo.




The lamps were so successful that to continue production, DeGross Design & Innovation studio started a collaboration with waste management company Labwaste Ltd which provides them with all the bottles they need to continue their up-cycling journey



‘OLLAMP’ – Set of a pot and lamp made from glass bottles. 



‘MINILUX’ - Part of the ‘UTREM LUX’ range this lamp is made from reused glass bottle and wood offcuts. 



‘LUMINUS’ – Set of 3 colourful lamps made from reused glass bottles. 



‘TERRALUX’ from the ‘UTREM LUX’ range made from up-cycled glass bottles and wood offcuts.